Unity Virtual Production 7. 12 Reasons Why I switched to iPhone after 12 years of Android

Why I switched to iPhone after 12 years of android:

1.​ The camera hole. Apple design is better.
2.​ The lidar camera, scanning and autofocus use.
3. The three camera design. Same as canon pioneered back in the day, hmm canon, should you look into this “revolutionary design” in front of your eyes?!
4.​ The ability to record multiple inputs at the same time.
5.​ I wanted to switch it up.
6. ​The screen is really really bright, and really really big, epic.
7.​ 10 bit on a phone is a first I think, beats everyone else.
8.​ AR tech is something apple cares about a lot right now.
9.​ Filmic pro is a good app.
10. Screen mirroring is easier and sometimes better with apple.
11. Sensor is optically stabilized and digitally stabilized- can turn on and off.
12. The best camera is the one on you.