Unity Virtual Production 8. Control a Virtual Camera with iPhone or Android Gyro Sensors!

Our phones have powerful Gyroscopes built in, and Unity lets us harness that power for Virtual Production. In this episode we are going to write a simple script that connects the real world with the virtual world. 

The first step is to setup a mobile device. Plug your mobile device into your computer, whether it be mac or PC, android or iPhone. Note- you will need a Mac to control a iPhone. 

On your device, download an app called Unity Remote. Open the app and Unity, and play the Unity Scene.

Next follow along to the rest of the video.

Now, all that we are controlling here is a square, this is not creative enough, we should be more creative, so lets have this representation of a camera look more like a camera In the next episode we are going to create a 3D object right here without leaving Unity. Check it out!