Unity Virtual Production 6. The Perfect Cinema Camera

In the future, there will be a perfect camera. But Jeff, how could you say such a thing? In 10 months there is going to be another camera with another new feature. I’m here to say that no, one day there will be a camera that will give you total creative control over the image.

Let me explain, the camera will be the size of a phone. Big cameras and big lenses will not be needed because better digital tech will replace it. There will be light field cameras that unlike cameras today, they record rays of light coming in as data, today cameras only record light intensity. So these cameras exist today, but making it happen 24 times a second is very, very hard. Once this is figured out, the idea of focus will become a decision in the editing room, not on set. No more buzzed focus takes, no more virtual focus. Also the light field camera gives you 3D with no additional lens needed.

Second, the zoom will be a decision in editing as well. Today it’s already possible to shoot 8k and punch in to 4k.

Cameras  in the future will have 1000 megapixels and no need to have a zoom. The unique characteristics of a zoom lens, flares, and breathing, that will be added into your edit software when you zoom, it will look the same with computer aided lens distortion.

Third, the iris will not be needed.

Cameras will have a ISO so sensitive, the brightest and darkest parts of the scene will not be lost. The file sizes will be- big. 

This is the same principle as the new 32 bit recorders. They record such a big array that you don’t need to adjust the gain. 

This perfect camera is a long time away, until then I am sticking with my iPhone 12 Pro Max.