Unity Virtual Production 1. Choosing Unity and First Impressions

Virtual Production is new and exciting and we can learn about it together with the power of free software! Unreal and Unity are two video game engines that enable us to facilitate virtual production. I have been drawn to using Unity because of its interface and cool C# coding. Both programs can complete the same tasks, however the Industry has wholeheartedly accepted Unreal Engine as the standard. As Virtual Production itself is extremely new (I would argue James Cameron’s “Avatar” of 2009 as one of the first full fledged virtual productions using incredible virtual camera techniques). I believe that unity will transform into a powerhouse as things develop, and good competition is only good for us.

This tutorial series is going to be extremely grounded to earth, we are going to start as simple as possible and work our way up to photorealistic video! Today’s technology and smartphone enable us to do incredible things with the tools right in front of us!

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