Fixing An Old MacBook Pro & How To Install A SSD

I have revived my old MacBook Pro from the grave! After doing some housecleaning I decided to try upgrading the internal hard drive to a Solid State Drive. Here is the video:


I first got this computer in 2010 from going to university at Full Sail University. It was over $2K for this computer and software. Three years later I would upgrade to a retina macbook which I still use today, so it is true some MacBooks are better than others.


I edited this entire video on my laptop with premiere pro except for the graph motion graphic that I decided to make in Cinema 4D on my PC. There is no way this Mac would have handled it. Here is the graph: 

The one thing about editing the video on the mac was, it took a lot longer than on a faster computer, and the color of the overhead shots are not my favorite. It was harder to gauge the color correction on the older screen. I seriously contemplated taking down the video and re-doing the color correction, but I just had to call it finished, it had taken overnight maybe 8 hours to render!

All in all, it was a fun project and It’s a good computer to take on trips where it might get damaged or stolen. 

Unfortunately for new Macs, it seems like its worth waiting till they make significant improvements with the new silicone and power, otherwise I may be building another PC. The price of a new Mac is $2000-8000 for a strong machine, but for $1500 I can build a really great PC. We shall see what Mac comes out with next year.