I upgraded my Prius to a Nexcell Lithium Battery

Here is a review of a new hybrid battery in my 2012 Prius. This video I thought would be interesting in that there wasn’t that much content out there on this, and wow yeah I have gotten 1.5k views and over 60 likes in three weeks which is amazing, I just throw the vid up and sail it off into the algorithm. I also got a conversation going in the comments that is also super interesting, some people say they are sold out of the battery, that they enjoyed the video, that I am in trouble… well we shall see but after 7 months the battery is doing just fine.

I didn’t plan on making this video, but when I arrived at the shop, forcefully (the car kept yelling at me), well I just started to record and thought this would be interesting to share. I love technology and this battery is very interesting in many ways, especially that its not from “The Man” It’s from someone who felt they could do it better with newer tech and upgrading what we already have to be better, and saving my car!