Jeff Komarow

Demo Reels 2020


CVRF Fundraiser Gala - Producer
King Palm Commercial - Producer
Rube Goldberg Engineering for Tom and Jerry Brand Fruit Snacks Commercial
Tom and Jerry Rube Goldberg - Engineer


AFI Fest - Camera Operator
A Conversation With Edward Norton and Michael Keaton - Camera Operator
The Pun Group - Cinematographer

Camera Assistant / Digital Imaging Technician

Hollow Point Action Film - Camera Assistant / DIT
Zulu Six Movie - Camera Assistant / DIT
William Shatner Music Video - DIT
Trouble Creek Pilot - Camera Assistant
Sleeping With Sirens Music Video - Camera Assistant
LA Turkish Film Festival - Camera Assistant / DIT


Book Trailer - Editor
NGE E-Sports - Editor
Highlight Reel - Editor


Short Film - El Diablo
Short Film - Hike
Short Film - Splitting Personalities
Music Video - You Wont Change - Chasing Thrill
Kush Co. Holdings Brand Video
Cardiovascular Medical Group Fundraiser Gala